FlipCon is an annual Flipped Learning conferenced held in the United States. This year will be the 8th year it has been held, demonstrating the continued popularity of Flipped Learning.

This year, FlipCon is coming to Australia, being held at Saint Stephen’s College, Coomera in QLD. Flipped gurus Aaron Sams and Jon Bergmann are keynoting the event, which is pretty exciting.

The Senior Studies Coordinator from my school, Craig Brennan and I will be presenting two sessions at FlipCon to share how Parramatta Marist High implemented the Flipped Classroom in all courses in Stage 6 to improve our HSC results.

Our first session will look at the structures we built, the Professional Learning we provided to staff and the challenges we faced in implementing this new model of learning.

Our second session will focus on the our key learning about running quality Flipped Classrooms after three years of implementation in dozens of high school courses. We will also examine the research we have started to conduct into the efficacy of the model at our school.

Obviously both sessions will be run in true Flipped Classroom style, with pre-learning material and videos to watch, with time in the workshop to discuss, apply and challenge assumptions.

We’re both pretty excited to present and to meet and learn from other teachers who are doing similar things in their schools.

Below is our promo video for our sessions at FlipCon in October (a shameless act of self-promotion!)